Screen Heritage & Archives

This section outlines good practice for screen heritage and archives. What you can do, in particular on a practical operational level, depends on where you operate and work from, where your activities take place. For screen heritage and archives this will most likely be a mix of some of the following:

  • building/s or space/s which you manage
  • building/s or space/s managed by others and/or part of a wider estate e.g. university, museum, local authority
  • digital archives or collections, which you either store and provide access to directly or via a third party
  • exhibitions and events you run at external venues or locations
  • home working

Practical Operational Action


understand and reduce energy use and move to low or zero carbon energy sources (for buildings and events), promote good energy practice for homeworking

Travel & Transport

minimise touring transport, move to low or zero emission transport vehicles or services, promote low or zero carbon options for visitor travel, business travel and staff commuting

Food & Drink

for on-site and/or event/festival catering - provide mainly plant-based food, avoid single-use serve ware and food waste

Digital & Technology

choose digital service providers who offer renewably powered hosting or storage or energy efficient digital design and digital archiving services, keep and use devices for longer

Materials & Waste

avoid and reduce waste, chemicals and single use plastics, choose sustainable materials which can be reused or recycled and suppliers with strong environmental credentials

Nature & Water

conserve water, make more space for nature, minimise air, noise, water and light pollution

Planet Placement

  • Communicate your environmental commitment and action to key people and groups e.g. staff, volunteers, visitors, peers, funders
  • Provide staff and volunteers with opportunities for environmental training and learning
  • Engage with your visitors and partners on what they can do to take positive environmental action
  • Use your collections and exhibitions to tell environmental stories and showcase the diversity of perspectives, solutions and voices in the climate, nature and justice crisis

Pushing for Wider Change

  • Work with those who manage the spaces where your collections and archives are stored to find out what environmental action they are taking and how you can work together
  • Make your money matter by switching to banks, insurance companies and pension funds with ethical investment policies and which do not invest in fossil fuels
  • Develop sponsorships and partnerships with organisations with strong environmental credentials and which do not invest in fossil fuels
  • Get involved in local or community environmental initiatives
  • Share good practice and collaborate with your peers and others in the screen sector
  • Provide inclusive and accessible spaces for dialogue, debate and reflection

Screen Heritage & Archives

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