Good Practice

Environmental good practice will look different for every organisation. It will depend on what your organisation does, where it does it and who it does it with. This section gives an overview of good practice for exhibitors, screen heritage and archives, sector support bodies, and education, skills, training and research organisations. It looks at:

  • practical action to reduce impacts e.g. saving energy, reducing waste
  • informing and inspiring change with key audiences and through core activities e.g. programming, collections, training
  • ways to drive wider change through e.g. divestment, partnerships, local or sector collaboration

When considering what to focus on, think about where you can make changes directly and where you need to work with others to influence or make change happen. If, for example, you lease or rent a building or office, or are running a festival in a number of venues or in a public outdoor space, you may be limited in the changes you can make directly and need to work with your landlord, local authority or other venues.

What does good look like for:

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